I studied Sustainability and Energy Policy and I quit my job in the industry as I wanted to change something. I wanted to show that we can have a sustainable service/ product that is attractive, convenient and economical as any conventional competition.

I worked on different projects and with an NGO on low-carbon development, when an idea was born in summer 2015:

We all watched babies grow fast, but we rarely see the amount of clothes that comes with it as well as the time that goes into organising/ buying them. This is when Lilla Fisk was born.


Our Vision

To build a business that offers a service that protects our planet and offers a sustainable concept.

Our Mission

To disrupt and change the baby clothes market that is costly, wasteful and unsustainable.



We want a business that looks after our planet and our future.

We live in a time of great challenges. The Earth's climate is threatened by wasteful production infrastructure, exploitation of finite resources, and unsustainable land use. But we can all change that by changing how we consume and by showing that we care about our planet.

We believe that prosperity and sustainable living is not contradicting. To protect our planet we founded Lilla Fisk offering an alternative way to conventional business models (selling-more as the main goal). We believe that it is more important to protect our planet so that our kids can enjoy it in the far future.

We, at Lilla Fisk, focus on the baby clothing market. Currently we cannot revolutionize the way we grow raw materials to produce fabrics, but we certainly can change the way we treat and consumes them. Lilla Fisk uses the principles of circular economy to offer a service/ product that is not only sustainable, but also convenient and attractive.

While parents simply subscribe and rent high-quality baby clothes we make sure that the clothes are in best quality, washed environmentally-friendly and at the end of their life-cycle are not thrown away, but are used to make new products or fabrics.