Subscribe to baby clothes

Subscribe to a complete set of baby clothes. This is cheaper, simpler and better for the environment when compared to the traditional alternatives.


Our first sets are ready and can be ordered. For only 499kr per month. 

Check them out here . (Only in swedish for now.)

Our clothes

Benefits of Lilla Fisk


Climate smart

Did you know that it takes 2700 liters of water to produce a T-shirt? And that a newborn grows on average 5 sizes during its first year? There are many garments that are only used for a short period, and buying new is a major and unnecessary environmental impact. We want to change that.

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Our sets include 20-25 pieces, depending on size. Since it only cost 499 SEK (50 Euros) per month to subscribe (inlusive cleaning, postage and return shipping), it will be a monthly fee of up to 25: - per item, cheaper than any other commercial alternatives.


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To shop at flea markets or second-hand stores can be a good option, but it is time consuming and it can be difficult to find what you want. We offer you a service that is both simpler, more flexible and as environmentally friendly as second-hand, without the hassle.

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This is how it works

1. Sign up
For 499 per month you can rent a complete set of clothes and use them as long as you need. When the child has grown out of the clothes you order a new size.

2. Select size
One set contains 20-25 clothing items (depending on size). Everything the baby needs as basic warderobe will be included in the package.

3. Enjoy your clothes

4. Repeat
When the clothes are too small, order a new size. Once you have received your new package, send back the previous one.