Competitive pricing

Clothes in high quality should not cost a fortune.


Many parents go to a flea market, second-hand stores or look for discounts when they buy baby clothes. Our goal is not to compete with the cheapest options, or to offer yet another website where you can buy children's clothing. We offer you a service that is both simpler, more flexible and as environmentally friendly as second-hand, without the hassle.

Lilla Fisk takes a fixed monthly fee so you get access to a complete, changeable wardrobe for your child. The corresponding amount of clothes in stores costs almost 50% more if you go to a larger budget chain, where the clothes often wear out quickly and can not be reused.

If one turns to stores that invests more in quality, the difference in cost is up to three times higher as compared to Lilla Fisk.

Price comparison

We have looked into the market and compared the prices of the main shops, for example: Polarn o. Pyret, Åhlens and H & M.

Prices / costs shows how much the entire set of clothes (23 pieces, size 62) would cost, on average, if the clothes were purchased in equal parts from the different stores:


Usage period of two months

During the periods when your baby grows quickly:

  Average Lilla Fisk (2 months' usage)
Total cost (SEK) 2590 998
Cost per garment (SEK) 113 43


Usage period of three months

During the periods when your child grows a little slower:

  Average Lilla fisk (3 months' usage)
Total cost (SEK) 2590 1497
Cost per garment (SEK) 113 65